Advice wanted, regarding kiddie porn email

Roger Clarke
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 22:03:03 +1000

Rachel wrote:
>I was shocked today (this afternoon) to find in my mailbox a letter
>>inviting me to get some child pornography.
and Robert Hart replied saying ditto.

G'day Rachel and Robert

You're dead right to be a little circumspect about this.  Yes, the use of
the net for such purposes is regrettably real;  but so is the use of the
Internet to beat up frenzy about both the real and the imagined.

One thing that *everyone* seems to be in agreement on is that Internet
Services Providers have a responsibility to take measured action when they
have reasonable grounds for believing that their resources are being used
in ways, or for purposes, that are illegal.  [Warning:  that's a
provisional formulation, written at speed, without review or revision ...].

So I reckon your appropriate reaction is to report it post haste to AOL,
including maximal info of use to them in debugging (especially full
headers), *plus* your expression of concern that (a) the offer may be a
spoof, and (b) the apparent sender's address may have been falsified.

I, for one, would be very interested in AOL's reaction (or even lack
thereof), and any further info. that comes to hand.  [Declaration of even
more interest than usual:  in addition to running a community-service page,
I'm performing paid consultancy work to which this matter is very relevant].

Regards  ...  Roger

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