Jan Whitaker
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 14:51:04 -0700 (MST)

this may interest link subscribers.  

Re Bob's concerns about Australian law enforcement: you may wish to keep a
copy of this note from Patrick re the FBI.  Also since so many of us
[yeah, I got two!] received the d--n thing, I doubt you're at risk [as
long as you're not in Singapore, Burma, or Queensland! j/k Q'landers :-)]

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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 11:32:24 -0700
From: Patrick Douglas Crispen <>
To: Multiple recipients of list ADV-HTML <ADV-HTML@UA1VM.UA.EDU>

Thousands of Internet subscribers around the world recently received e-mail
letters from <> or <> with the subject lines
"Child Fun!" or "Child XXX" offering child pornography for sale over the
Internet.  I want to assure the readers of this list that:

     1. The sender of the "Child Fun" letter did not get your
        e-mail address from this LISTSERV list.  The only person
        in the world who can even see this list's subscriber
        information is the listowner -- me.  :)

     2. I immediately contacted, and faxed a copy of the "Child
        Fun" letter to, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
        office in Tuscaloosa.

     3. I personally believe that the "Child Fun" letter is a
        "spoof," written by someone who decided it would be funny
        to exact some sort of revenge on "Steve Barnard."  (The
        second line of the letter -- "I sent you this letter
        because your email address was on a list that fit this
        category" -- is the classic opening line for the new
        generation of mass-mail spams).

If you receive or have received a copy of the "Child Fun" letter, simply
delete it.  The federal law enforcement agency of the United States is
aware of the letter, and is investigating the matter.

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