Unsolicited Mail

Julie Johnson J.Johnson@cowan.edu.au
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 11:00:16 +0800

I have also been receiving unsolicited mail, although of a less unsavourory
nature, than that beiing reported by Linker today.

In the past couple of month I have received mail from two young men
connected with the US Navy both of wham expressed interest in establishing
correspondence with me.  I replied to the second one  asking how it was that
he contacted me and he replied that I he has seen my picture on a site
called Positive Impressions and congratualted me on my courage in listing
myself there.

The problem is that I didn't.  I would very much like to contact the owners
of this web site and find out how it is that I appear on it but, to date, I
have not been able to locate it. I have offered a mars bar to the first of
my students who finds it but no luck so far.

I am also concerned at what appears to be a faily blatant invasion of my
privacy and whould like linkers views on 1. How to find the site 2. What to
do when I do.

Julie Johnson

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