Porn and the link list

Rachel Polanskis
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 15:29:54 +1000 (EST)

Robert Hart writes:
> On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Tim Redhead wrote:
> > If convenient, the recipients might also find if they post to any
> > common USENET groups. Software is available which trawls any group
> > and collects poster's email addresses; I think this technique has been
> > used in the past to harrass groups of people.
> Well - I am active on quite a number of mailing lists (link is possibly 
> one of the lowest volume lists I take), post to a numner of Usenet groups.
> So, I suspect that people could have trawled my address from any one of a 
> number of way of knowing which one though I suppose.

I'm also a prolific email and USENET user.

My guess however, is that when those of us who get lots of free software
and fill in a form to access the files, that the email address that you
supply could possibly be onsold to other unscrupulous parties.

This would explain why some of us get these postings and others don't.

Considering that you can now buy CDs with 5,000000 email addresses for
$25, *and* in formats that can be used by PC, Mac and UNIX spam err.. umm 
email clients, it really shouldn't surprise me that we get this rubbish...

These CDs even contain automated perl scripts for random spamming of email

I wish someone would ban the sale of these things, I feel like no matter
where I go, some idiot can fill my mailbox.

I believe that the above could be the case, since I have a second non-work
email address, that is not used for outgoing mail except to individuals,
and is
only used to read 2 or 4 other lists.

I *never* use this address for contact points in WWW forms - and it has a
very low percentage of spammage...

Anyway, I am relieved to know (if not bothered) that I was not the only
one to receive the mail from AOL.

I will always maintain that the net has been ruined by commercial access, 
even if it has made it more accessible. 

I guess it could be considered a little like the "Haight-Ashbury" scene
in the 60's - it was alright till the media caught onto it and popularised 
it, then ultimately destroying it's own creation...

I hope I am wrong, or I guess I will just have to prepare myself for
the spammage yet to come...


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