Porn email - response

Tony Barry
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 18:04:42 +1000

I've been at a conference the last few days and have only been reading
Colin Steele's email as I am acting for him and just caught up with this.

I am told a number of lists at ANU were hit and that -

> The matter has been reported to America Online (the Internet Service
> Provider that provided the account to the sender of the email) and they
> have closed down the account, and other accounts implicated in the
> incident.  The administrators of America Online have indicated that
> legal action is being pursued, and the matter has also been referred to
> the Australian Federal Police.

We are also seeing how we can try and stop such things in future.

I still havn't gone through all my email on this so apologies if somembody
else has already posted this but I though I better get something out to let
you all know that something was being done.


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