The spam thing

Jack Gilding
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 22:02:23 +1000

I know I should encourage further discussion on this but I couldnt resist.

At 04:44 PM 22/10/96 +1000, Rosanne Bersten wrote:
>People interested in the child porn spam may wish to look at the article
>about it on C|Net.
So I did.  The article was interesting but didnt tell me anything 'link'
hadnt already.  Then I followed the link in the article to AOL to see what
they had to say.  Nothing on the front page, so I went to 'Whats new' and
read the following promise!

"Mail Controls Block Unwanted E-mail
                                 Say goodbye to annoying e-mail! With America
                                 Online's new mail controls, you can block mail
                                 from any individual on the Internet. This means
                                 you spend more time reading the e-mail you
                                 want to get while blocking out the spam."

I think that constitutes having egg on your face, if not on your spam! (sorry)

Jack Gilding