that email...

Jan Whitaker
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 19:50:33 -0700 (MST)

Actually, I saw a posting of the message within a newsgroup called the day before it hit the email over here or
even in my email account in the states.  Then a strange thing
happened, that newsgroup was anonymously cancelled by some hack.  I
mentioned to an office mate that it was the first real case of child porn
solicitation that I had ever stumbled across without making an attempt to
see if I could find anything in that class [strictly as a research
exercise, not as a perv!].

I also heard the ABC item on Radio National this morning in Melbourne.
The AFP rep said something very similar to "we don't know the origin of
the message".  He sounded like a real dill considering that we've been
discussing all of this for two days already and the origin was well known
by anyone who could read a header.  It made me wonder who they have in the
AFP looking after these issues if something that simple wasn't understood.
To be fair, the spokesperson wasn't identified and may not be the
speciallist in charge of such matters.  Sort of makes you wonder about the
reporting from the ABC on such things, as well, to allow such a statement
to be used.


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