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Anne Hugo
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 15:26:12 +1000

Someone said
>The beat-up of this issue started here and somewhere someone has
>demonstrated a  worthwhile point - this medium is so very ripe for
>exploitation, even  amoungst the educated. Words without substance never
>had so much power.

19-27 October 1996: NSW Children's Week: A Caring World Shares

23 October 1996 Universal Children's Day

While spam can be sort of shrugged off as invasion of privacy, it's better
labelled abuse; why this particular incident warranted intelligent comment
and outrage on even a list like this is that child abuse is only now
rightly being understood for what it really is: extremely toxically

Like spam it's exponential in its effect. Sitting back and blaming the
Christian right-wing as stirring up the issue up is a cop out. Any
abusiveness, but especially child abuse, needs to be strongly opposed and
its source found and confronted.

Anyone with adult friends/relatives who are discovering that they are
survivors of childhood sexual abuse or who works with adult survivors will
be annoyed by frivilous reactions to incidents like this.

Children are silent about sexual abuse because they think (usually rightly)
adults won't believe them. That's exactly what the abusers take advantage

See interview with the author of 'From victim to offender: how child sexual
abuse victims become offenders' - Dr. Freda Briggs - Allen & Unwin, Sydney.
ISBN 1-86373-759-6.

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