AARNet Traffic Stats

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke@anu.edu.au
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 21:56:34 +1000

I received this from George McLaughlin at AVCC recently.  It looked likely
to be of interest to many linkers, so I checked with him, and yes it is
intended for public consumption by anyone interested  ...  Roger

>The AVCC/AARNet web page (http://www.avcc.edu.au/avcc/aarnet/) has been
>further updated.
>Traffic figures for September, both aggregated by RNO and by individual
>members, have been added to the relevant tables.  In the five months from
>30 April to 30 September, the traffic received from the Telstra PoPs has
>increased overall by 73% (though there are significant variances between
>institutions).  The universities and CSIRO collectively now pull in
>~4TeraBytes per month from Telstra's PoPs.
>Charts on the traffic between Telstra PoPs and RNO hub sites are now
>The network schematic has been updated to reflect the second megalinks in
>WA and SA between the Regional Hubs and Telstra's PoPs.
>Links are now available to those RNO web sites that are currently available
>The Telstra Fault and Outage report for September has been added.
>The layout of the pages has been updated, and hopefully better structured.
>As always, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome.
>George McLaughlin
>AVCC     GPO Box 1142   Canberra   ACT   2601 Tel: (06) 285 8358   Fax:
>(06) 285 8211 E-mail:  george.mclaughlin@avcc.edu.au

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