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Karl Auer
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The following is the text of a press release faxed to numerous computer
print media publications and to the major dailies this evening. It will be
distributed on suitable newsgroups and mailing lists shortly.

Please spread the word!

As soon as the formalities of incorporation are sufficiently complete, a
call for members will be distributed, with full details of how, when and
where you can join and so on. You might also like to keep an eye on the
Society's Web page (mentioned below) and on the usual mailing lists and

Regards, K.

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Another Chapter in the history of the Internet

Dateline: Sydney, 30 October 1996

The Inaugural General Meeting of the Internet Society of Australia will be
held in Sydney on Wednesday 27 November 1996, to coincide with Interop, a
premier networking conference.

After much discussion over the past year (carried out on the Internet,
naturally!) the Society is being formed as an advocate of Internet users in
general. It will seek to foster better understanding of the Internet and to
participate in the improvement and extension of the Internet for Australians
and the world. The Society is a chapter of the global Internet Society and
is modelled after similar chapters in other countries, notably Switzerland
and the United States.

The founding board of directors is Mr Hugh Irvine (Director,, Associate Professor Bob Kummerfeld (University of Sydney)
and Mr Geoff Huston (Secretary of the Internet Society and Technical Manager
of Telstra Internet). Each has a long and distinguished history of service
to the Internet in Australia and abroad.

"This is the Society for everyone", says Geoff Huston. "We want this body to
be relevant to the very broad base of Internet users, publishers, developers
and others who make the Internet what it is today. There are plenty of
organisations for business; this one is for people. If you use the Internet
and are interested in the things that affect its development in Australia
and the world, the Internet Society can be your voice."

Internet users are warmly invited to attend the meeting at 1.30pm in Room
C131 of the UTS Haymarket Campus, on Quay Street near Darling Harbour. The
meeting will be a chance for people to meet others, to join the Society, to
help elect the Board of Directors and to be a part of discussions which will
set some of the Society's major directions. Facilities will be provided to
allow remote users to take part in the meeting via the Internet - full
details will be posted on the Society's Web pages and in appropriate newsgroups.

For more information, email Mr George Michaelson ( or see
the Society's World Wide Web page at


Media enquiries are most welcome at the above email address, or call:

	George Michaelson	+61-7-38349976 (bh)	+61-414-786117 (m)
	Karl Auer		+61-6-2494627 (bh)	+61-6-2486607 (ah).

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