Web managers position descriptions

Sydney Water Library waterlib@magna.com.au
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 10:37:34 -0800

I am currently doing some research for our IT department on the 
roles/responsibilities/skills involved in managing a Web site - of 
particular interest is Intranet sites but of course Internet sites have 
many of the same issues.  
As part of this, I am collecting copies of position descriptions and 
organisation charts that include Web site management.  I would especially 
like examples which include the "information management" aspect of site 
management i.e. not just the technical side.  (I hope this doesn't start 
another discussion of what is "informtion management"! - although it is 
always worth having).
If you know of any you can send me, that would be great.  Otherwise, any 
suggestions for organisations, sites etc that may help would be 
I have already looked at the Professional Webmaster site -

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