GOLD Who's who

Tony Barry
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 12:09:40 +1100

At 12:02 on 96/10/31, wrote:

> I understand that the Commonwealth Government Directory and GOLD lists
> officers at the Branch Head, Regional Manager level and above.

Its the policy I set down for the Australian Government Directory in 1977
when I ran it - although I did let in people at a lower level with specific
service functions eg the Gazette Officer.  Now that its electronic and not
just paper a rethink of the content is in order.

With paper you have to centralise the compilation and restrict the size
thence the limitation on entries.  Both these requirements are loosened
once it is electronic.

If I was doing it now I would want to distribute the maintenance of the
data to departments and agencies and encourage the entry of far more


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