Eudora users beware...

Michael Lean
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:09:57 +1000 (EST)

Peter green says:
>I have been using a product for the Mac called Urlkey and it lets me pick 
>up links from all sorts of applications including the non-Pro version of 
>Eudora. It works with the full url and so I would add my support to 
>Michael's comments about including a complete url and I also offer the 
>url of Urlkey for those Mac people who are interested.

Be careful if you pick up a URL in Eudora. If you get a "404" message or
some other disappointing communication, it's quite likely that Eudora has
picked up a period at the end of the line that isn't part of the URL. It
seems to work on a beginning of "http://" and goes on until there's a space,
so if you put a full stop at the end, it'll put that into Netscape, which
will spit the dummy. Netscape also doesn't go too well with URL's that are
split across two lines of the screen.