Eudora users beware...

Rachel Polanskis
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 16:50:26 +1100 (EST)

Michael Lean writes:
> Be careful if you pick up a URL in Eudora. If you get a "404" message or
> some other disappointing communication, it's quite likely that Eudora has
> picked up a period at the end of the line that isn't part of the URL. It
> seems to work on a beginning of "http://" and goes on until there's a space,
> so if you put a full stop at the end, it'll put that into Netscape, which
> will spit the dummy. Netscape also doesn't go too well with URL's that are
> split across two lines of the screen.

For those who did not see it before,

I made a case for the way URLS are presented and cited late last year
(November?) that stressed exactly these issues.

I guess it came back to haunt you all...

You can find it on the link archive - if you just search on my name...

Remember, you heard it here first ;)


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