Eudora users beware...

Rachel Polanskis
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 19:13:19 +1100 (EST)

Bill Fisher writes:
> I believe that a standard has been authoritatively defined which says that
> a URL appearing in a sentence shoud be enclosed in "<>" characters as in
> <>. Unfortunately I cannot remember my source.
> Certainly Eudora recognises this standard and will pick out the URL 
> without the danger of including adjacent puntuation. I do not have a MAC 
> to try the other software mentioned.
> This standard obviates the need to place URLs on separate lines so I would 
> recommend its use.


There are many other MUA's other than Eudora.
By keeping the format to the lowest common denominator,
we ensure portability between all agents.

I don't use Eudora, in fact I use elm, and am also experimenting with
ML, and also Mutt.

These MUA's all support URLs in embedded text, provided they are on a
clean line with the resource identifier (http:// etc)
at the beginning of the line...

My newsreader "knews" also supports embedded URLs in the same fashion,
and complains when my browser cannot open a URL starting with "<" ...

The "<" URL format also ruins a great many scripts that mark up
plain text.

I have scripts that grab URLs from a document, and marks them up
into HTML on the fly, so you can click on 'em.
It doesn't work if there is fluff and noise around the target...

I *know* what it says in the RFC, but it was only *recommended*
and has been grossly misapplied...

By keeping the "standard" to the lowest common denominator, we also
ensure that things are backwards compatible.

Finally, as mentioned in my link article - (wow it was almost this 
time *last* year!!!), it's like peeling grapes.
Fiddly and unnecessary.

Surely a URL can be identified for what it is strictly by it's resource

That's what I thought the resource type was for, anyway!!

Until there is *universal* acceptance of some standard, 
I propose people stick to the lowest common denominator...


BTW, MUA stands for "Mail User Agent" - eg Eudora or whatever...

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