Qld A-G's reaction to 1st Net Porn case outcome

Irene Graham rene@pobox.com
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 23:45:40 +1100

In the Queensland Times (QT) today, Tony Keim (who has given the outcome
sensible coverage yesterday and today) reported that:

	"A spokesman for Attorney General Denver Beanland said the State
Government would take a long, hard look at Judge Robertson's ruling and
tighten existing legislation if possible.
	He said regulation of the Internet was a global problem, and the Federal
Government had greater powers to regulate it."

The article commenced with the title "Church hits out at Internet Porn"
followed by:
	"Inadequate laws preventing Internet users, in particular young
children, from legally viewing explicit child pornography were
unacceptable, an Ipswich Church leader said yesterday."
	"...Pauline Hansen yesterday said she was concerned about the free
availability of pornographic and other material, such as bomb-making
instructions on the Internet. 
	She said she was unsure whether laws relating to policing the Internet
were a federal responsibility but would look into the matter."
	"Global Info Links committee chairman Paul Pisasale [an Ipswich City
Councillor] yesterday said there was little the service provider could do
to restrict access to such sites.
	GIL had investigated the possibility of restricting access and had
decided that it could spend 'literally millions' to little or no effect.
	He said he believed that parents also had a role to play in policing
access to the Internet".

QT invites comment as to "What are your thoughts on policing access to
pornography via the Internet?" via email to qt@gil.com.au.

When I met with the Qld State Censor and a ministerial adviser to the A-G
in June, I was told that the current Qld government will not implement Net
laws without consulting with the "industry/public". 

It would seem opportune for Qld Net users to contact the A-G asking for
confirmation of that commitment and recommending he familiarise himself
with the contents of the ABA report if he has not yet done so.


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