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Michael Baczynski
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 14:34:01 +1000

Hi guys,

>>> Jan Whitaker <> 23/10/96  12:50 pm >>>
Jan said:
>The AFP rep said something very similar to "we don't know the origin
> of the message".  He sounded like a real dill considering that we've
> been discussing all of this for two days already and the origin was
> well known by anyone who could read a header.  It made me wonder
> who they have in the AFP looking after these issues if something that
> simple wasn't understood.

Just a thought ... lets not be too harsh on the AFP. Did they actually say
that they did not have a clue where the message originated, or was it
more along the lines of they didn't know who was responsible? My
guess would be for the latter as police are reluctant to 
a) admit that they have no clue whatsoever
b) usually couch an investigation in general terms so as not to make the
case any more difficult for them than it has to be (when people go to
ground etc)