[LINK] Can UPS deliver the tickets?

Tom Worthington tom.worthington@tomw.net.au
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:18:42 +1100

At 11:44 25/01/00 +1100, richard@auscoms.com.au responded to my comment:

>>Retailers have been in the business of home delivering groceries 
>>from since before the invention of the supermarket. Perhaps 
>>there is a need to rediscover some of the techniques used.
>Hmm. Entropy is difficult to reverse, Tom. 

What I had in mind were items such as special delivery boxes for goods. For
example I have seen boxes built into the outside of apartments which were
said to be used for milk. The milkman put the milk in and closed the door to
keep it fresh. A still current example of this is large mailboxes at farm gates.

The high technology version of this would have an electronic lock on the box
and an Internet connection. When ordering goods the client would supply an
entry code for delivery. The delivery person would use this code to open the
box and put the goods in. The entry code would only work once and the lock
would record time of delivery (to deter pilfering). The box could advise the
client (and suppler) of delivery via the Internet. Optional solid state
temperature control would keep perishable items cool, or warm the box in
cold climates to prevent freezing.

For those who have "made it" the box would be built into their house or the
foyer of their apartment building. For the upwardly mobile, or just mobile,
the boxes could be rented at a local shopping center. Different size boxes
could be allocated as required, with a limited number for perishable items.

This might sound a bit far fetched, but I would be surprised if someone
isn't already offering it.

Australia Post already uses special purpose premises with dynamically
allocated post office boxes for large packages. My post office box used to
be at a post office, with staff member on duty to hand over large items. The
post office has moved away and there are just the boxes and no regular
staff. When there is a large item to collect I find a numbered key in my
normal box. That key opens one of a bank of bigger boxes. After collection I
drop the key in a slot for reuse. The same system could be used for goods
deliveries, using physical keys, or electronic codes.

ps: If you are wondering why not just use the PO box for deliveries, so am
I. Only Australia Post's courier delivers to PO boxes. I am not sure if
Australia Post or the couriers are to blame for this.

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