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Privacy cuts make rules 'ridiculous'
James Riley
MAY 20, 2003  
The Australian
AUSTRALIA'S chief privacy enforcement agency does not have enough money to
enforce privacy rules, thereby putting at risk millions of dollars of trade
services, academics and lawyers say.

Funding for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) was cut, despite
pleas from the commissioner Malcolm Crompton that resources could not meet
a five-fold rise in complaints. Its budget has been cut from $4.48 to $4.45
million for the next financial year. OPC's staff will drop from 37 to 35 as
a result.

Privacy advocates described the OPC's funding as "ridiculous" and

The office had not had a significant budget rise in years, despite new
privacy legislation covering the private sector that boosted complaints

The OPC did not have the resources to do any kind of enforcement activity,
said an academic.

... etc

The Englishman's telephone box is his castle. Like the London taxi, it can
be entered by a gentleman in a top hat. It protects the user's privacy,
keeps him warm and is large enough for a small cocktail party. 
-- Mary Blume 


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