[LINK] Leave on, or turn off?

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Dec 1 10:28:49 AEDT 2006

At 04:02 PM 30/11/2006, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>Howard Lowndes wrote:
>>Linux 2.6.15 on a 486 with 32Mb Ram and 256Mb flashdrive
>RAM is another little pet topic of mine....most computers are not 
>configured with enough RAM and so, do too much swapping....or am I using 
>outdated computer science?

Yes, I'm finding people skimp on RAM, but really, it's quite cheap when you 
add up the swapping cost.

Mem:    450360k total,   342604k used,   107756k free,   105276k buffers
Swap:   975200k total,    43012k used,   932188k free,    56800k cached

Hmm, running a little tight, but then 43 MB of swap isn't really a lot when 
I've allocated 1 Gig :)

Mem:    450360k total,   445936k used,     4424k free,    53964k buffers
Swap:   506008k total,   299564k used,   206444k free,   175372k cached

Ouch! Hadn't checked that one for a while!  It's a Video Server that 
captures 16 cameras.  The swap is probably used by stored frames on standby 
in case there is something of interest to record.  Still, be far more 
efficient if another 512MB of ram was installed.  I'm sure I have some here 
to install :)

Mem:    450360k total,   400288k used,    50072k free,   222892k buffers
Swap:   979924k total,   121860k used,   858064k free,    25936k cached

Actually this one isn't as bad as it looks, I've got a stack of compling 
going on that one right now :)

>PS, the thing that went on my last laptop was the clock battery....

You realise how SAD that statement is in reality?  My first question is 
"How old is the laptop?"

To save your embarrassment, don't answer, unless it's a DELL :)

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