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Fri Dec 1 12:13:06 AEDT 2006

OK, well the real issue here is where are the recordings kept after 12 months?

According to information disclosed during conversations with several 
Members of NSW Parliament today, records from 000 are kept in perpetuity 
and recordings of the Police Assistance Line (not 000) are kept maybe for 
12 months.

So now I have a further question:  Where are the "in perpetuity" recordings 
kept and by Whom?

At 11:09 PM 30/11/2006, Anura Samara wrote:
>I know that in Canberra, triple-0 calls for Police go to the police
>operations in the Winchester Centre in Belconnen, whilst triple-0
>calls for ambulance, fire (including rural fire service) and road side
>emergency phones goes to the Emergency Services Agency's
>communications centre (aka comcen) at North Curtin.
>Comcen have one ambulance operator and two fire operators on duty.
>They have the authority to despatch vehicles to an incident
>immediately, the number of vehicles - escalation of the incident then
>depends on the service and their own standard operating procedures.
>Recordings (do they still do tapes? or digital?) are kept for a number
>of years - I seem to recall the number 7 being mentioned. It's one of
>the reasons that good communications procedures are emphasised - who
>wants their pointless natterings re-run at a coronial enquiry?
>Some of the issues are:
>- liaison between the police and other services. The communications
>operators are physically remote,
>- handling multiple incidents eg. an urban fire requiring multiple
>appliances often means the operators have less attention to devote to
>a bushfire. For big incidents, an incident team and dedicated RFS
>communications are set up. We bushfire fighters are big boys/girls and
>will happily go anywhere anytime regardless of whether anyone is
>listening to us!
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