[LINK] Leave on, or turn off?

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Fri Dec 1 19:28:24 AEDT 2006

On 2006/Dec/01, at 5:49 PM, Stewart Fist wrote:
> Kim wrote:
>> Actually this is where the turning on and off argument kicks in.  The
>> heads hit the disk *every time* the disk stops spinning.  Modern
>> disks have a "parking area" for the heads and will put the heads
>> there even in the event if a power cut but the heads still hit the
>> disk as I understand it.
> I'm pretty sure that when they 'park the head', they actually park  
> the arm.
> The head hangs free.
> There's no way they'd let the head touch the platter, IMHO.

Hmmm, I think they can't help it.  If they could stop the gouge they  
wouldn't need a parking area.  It's my understanding (which may be  
wrong or old) that the head hits the platter when the disk stops.


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