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>> Only in America!
>> http://www.hp.com/united-states/consumer/digital_photography/tours/slimming/i
>> ndex_f.html
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> Of course, Photoshop (or pick your converter) can do much the same.
> But this *is* pretty cool to happen in the camera!

Three thoughts come to mind:

1. This makes an interesting point about how we use photographs. If, as the
camera-makers are always telling us, it's about "keeping our cherished
memories forever", then this confirms the idea that we'd rather live in a
fantasy than the reality of our lives. But why would we deliberately want to
pollute our memories?

2. What other in-camera effects do we need? The "Remove drunken Uncle Len
from the Christmas party" filter, perhaps?

3. We shouldn't actually be amazed by this, as Moore's Law gives us more and
more processing power in small devices.

I have a Nokia N80 phone, for instance, and like all the new N Series phones
it can not only record video but also edit it -- yes, single-timeline video
editing software with titling, transitions etc. Sure, the tiny processor
takes a while to edit cross-fades, and it's only a small frame. But using
this pocket-sized device (smaller than a cigarette packet!) I can shoot,
edit, narrate and upload video content from anywhere on a 3G network. Well,
actually, anywhere on a GSM network if I'll wait for the uploads.

I can't be bothered doing the calculations, but I'm sure someone might tell
us when Moore's Law will give us this same portable device with HDTV
resolution and real-time video effects during editing for under $1k? Can't
be that far away...


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