[LINK] the magic of digital cameras

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 2 11:41:10 AEDT 2006

At 09:17 AM 2/12/2006, Jan Whitaker wrote:

>>Only in America!
>Of course, Photoshop (or pick your converter) can do much the same. But 
>this *is* pretty cool to happen in the camera!

You know that's really pretty sad.  Young girls who are slim will want to 
use it to create images of their "perfect" body image.  Then when they see 
that, they'll take more of themselves in that "perfect" image and shrink it 

If this isn't a serious potential for a problem I don't know what is.

Why can't people be happy with what they are?

Not to mention the fact that now, with the ability to create fantasy from 
fact, there will be no truth.

Orwell would be pleased?

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