[LINK] Now there's a turn up for the books...

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 2 11:36:36 AEDT 2006

At 10:37 PM 1/12/2006, Ivan Trundle wrote:
>Published Friday 1st December 2006 10:35 GMT
>http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/12/01/ internet_archive_copyright_reprieve/
>The Internet Archive project has won an exemption from US copyright
>law, overcoming an obstacle which threatened the entire work of the
>not-for-profit group. It can now host copies of obsolete computer
>games and software without fear of prosecution.

Oh bloody good show!  Now I can upload my 90 Gig drivers and hardware 
manual library!

>One of the six exemptions is for computer software or games for the
>purposes of preservation, but only if the original machine, format or
>technology involved is obsolete.

Ok so that's 6 months from the release date ;)

>"A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system
>necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no
>longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the
>commercial marketplace," it says.

iPods well fall into that :)


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