[LINK] Fwd: Please confirm your message

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Mon Dec 4 15:01:13 AEDT 2006


Does anyone else find this kind of behaviour tiresome, frustrating,  
and pointless?

There are better, simpler, and less time and bandwidth-wasteful  
methods of performing the simple task of sending an e-mail response.

I don't particularly care that this activity is meant to reduce the  
recipient's spam levels: I'm not at all interested in bouncing  
messages back and forth.



Begin pointless message:

> This message was created automatically by mail delivery software  
> (TMDA).
> Your message attached below is being held because the address
> <ivan at itrundle.com> has not been verified.
> To release your message for delivery either click on the URL below
> http://www.ah.net/cgi-bin/tmda.cgi?500.1165203952.20914.5195cb
> or please send an empty message
> to the following address, or use your mailer's "Reply" feature.
>    at+confirm+1165203952.20914.5195cb at ah.net
> This confirmation verifies that your message is legitimate and not
> junk-mail. You should only have to confirm your address once.
> If you do not respond to this confirmation request within 7 days,
> your message will not be delivered.

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