[LINK] browser confusion: Mozilla Firefox and Netscape?

Linda Rouse linda at databasics.com.au
Mon Dec 4 18:05:18 AEDT 2006

Looking at our website stats for November and i find that instead of 
Firefox or Safari browsers being prominent, they are not mentioned at 
all!  Instead the honours go to Netscape 7.X and the figure is 
huge!... thus, in order of popularity

   Netscape 7.x = 5,369
   MSIE 6.x =  1,278
   Netscape 4.x
   MSIE 5.0x
   AOL 4.x

So does anyone know the connection between Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape?
I dont know of anyone using Netscape - or is it now just part of the 
"AOL experience"?
I know that AOL purchased Netscape and then Mozilla developed 
separately though AOL did contribute lots of money.

The Mozilla.com website says: Home of Mozilla, the Netscape based 
open source browser.
There is no mention on the Firefox page of their connection though I 
thought Firefox was the popular name for mozilla as its produced by 
Mozilla org.... http://www.mozilla.org/

and acc to a 2003 report link:
Mozilla is ...rapidly emerging as the most widely acclaimed web 
browser, with PC World's July issue honoring it as "Best of 2003" in 
its category, LinuxJournal Magazine giving it an "Editor's Choice 
Award" for "Best Web Browser" (July issue) and eWeek raving that 
"eWEEK Labs found the new features in Mozilla 1.4 ... to be 
remarkable improvements that enhance what was already the best 
browser option out there." (July 1).

Obviously Scott Granneman had a lot to do with all 3: see his page:

Netscape has a separate page at http://www.netscape.com/ which makes 
no mention of Mozilla or FF  - Netscape.com is a service of Netscape 
Communications and Weblogs, Inc. and part of the AOL Network owned 
and operated by AOL, LLC, a Time-Warner company.

Can anyone clarify the connections? I find it hard to believe that we 
would get so many AOL users...
thanks and regards

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