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Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Tue Dec 5 22:32:23 AEDT 2006

Steve Jenkin wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 11:13:13PM +1000, Andy Farkas wrote:
> For those interested, company website "how does it work" page:
> <http://vm-sys.com/how.html>
> Front page has a nice shot of one of the hand-helds.
> Offices in Sydney & Melbourne.
> Brochure (PDF) is same text and photos as web-site.
> [Which came first, the Brochure of the Webpage?]
> They come up on IP Australia as well - but IPA is down for maint. this
> arvo. Maybe Patent "2005243161" - granted in 2005.
> Few details on the device - "10 year battery life", 
> "secure radio communication with a handheld unit", (read) "up to a distance of
> approximately 50 metre",
> "... can be easily and securely reprogrammed."
> An ambiguous reference is made:
> "All data retrieved from (In Ground Unit) IGUs are encrypted, digitally signed and sent 
> to a back office server."
> -> are the radio-comms encrypted & signed, or the contents of the
>    hand-held?
I read this as being encrypted while being sent by the hand held GPRS 

> So we know it's *not* bluetooth - too much range.
> Wonder what the RF side could be to go 50M *and* last 10 years...
Probably IEEE 802.15.4

Low power, long battery life. Used for the basis of  telemetry, Zigbee 
and other wireless mesh networking devices.

802.15.4 radio devices can have a standby current of only 5uA (mico-Amps)

The PODS probably use low power magnetometer

> Couldn't quickly work out the power budget - say 2000mAH for Lithium or
> Silver-oxide? But that'd be 70 micro-watts (continuous).
> So it'd be like a car electronic tag - read-out on demand.
> Anyone work with RF stuff like this??
> A question for the LINK list:
>  - why haven't cars gone to permanent electronic tags?
Apart from the privacy issues, what would be its purpose?


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>  cheers
>  sj
>> I'm guessing the revenue from fines will offset the expense of digging up
>> the asphalt in areas where they want to use these devices, and councils
>> will post "sorry for the inconvenience" type signs whilst the work happens:
>> <http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,20816995-661,00.html>
>> "MOTORISTS will be sitting ducks as councils launch a hi-tech parking
>> blitz that
>> will rip hundreds of millions of dollars in fines from Victorians.
>> New technology will enable councils and parking officers to fine
>> drivers the second
>> a car overstays its time limit."
>> -andyf
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