FW: [LINK] unlawful interception of internet traffic?

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Dec 8 11:10:16 AEDT 2006

>that's what i thought was happening until just a few minutes ago....but
>I just checked my /etc/resolv.conf config file. i should have done this

(sigh) typical "experience ISP admin from the 1990's"

>it turns out that i forgot that i had listed the ISP's nameserver as a
>backup resolver, so if my name server is unable to get an answer for
>any reason (e.g. network outage, routing problems, or as in this case
>firewall rules), it will directly query the ISP's nameserver.


>so there is no packet diversion happening.
>they are, however, blocking all access to the rival ISPs' IP addresses
>(which is what is causing my NS to time-out when trying to reach the
>real NS, thus causing my resolver to ask the ISP's nameserver).
>and they have configured their name-server to claim to be authoritative
>for the rival ISP's domain and are providing false data to queries about
>that domain.
>they shouldn't be doing either of these things.

You shouldn't be accusing people of your own incompetence.

Did you ever give a thought that the ISP might be trying to redirect your 
request to their name servers for the benefit of bandwidth saving, and they 
probably have such written in their contract.

Or maybe something more sinister is going on and they are traffic shaping 
just you to try and prevent ... no, I've said enough.

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