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At 14:28 +1100 8/12/06, Danny Yee wrote:
>I had an interesting experience the first time I was on a bushwalk
>where the leader had a GPS.  ...

I've asked a couple of people to use GPS to nail down the height 
difference between my house and the trig on the ridge about 250-300 
metres away as the crow flies, and 600 paces in 5 mins 40 secs +/- 10 

No-one's managed to get a decent reading at the house (which has a 
clear northerly view, and is 100m above lake-level).  Remarkably, 
there's also been difficulties getting a consistent reading on top of 
the trig, which is treeless (and blessedly telecomms-towerless) and 
has vistas in all directions.

I'll stick with the 650m to 725m that I estimate from the local 1:100,000.

The 1:25,000 says 727m, but the house elevation I don't know, because 
within the built-up area the contours are smothered by the 
cartographer's ridiculous preference for block-boundaries and colour 
over topographical information.

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