[LINK] limits of technology in finding someone

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 9 18:54:20 AEDT 2006

At 05:32 PM 9/12/2006, rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au wrote:
>Stewart Fist wrote:
>inaccurate map ... so it's actually not GPS accuracy but the completed 
>units we're discussing.
>So what of the maps?
>Google Maps, Street-directory.com.au, Whereis, and Multimap all find my 
>Google Maps shows a one-way section of Lilyfield road which hasn't existed 
>for years, and shows Lilyfield Road crossing the Hawthorn Canal (it's 
>closed). It doesn't know about the cross-city tunnel, either.  So it's 
>drawn from data which is too outdated to be used as the basis of 
>navigation (but hang on, isn't Google the new "best at everything" that we 
>all admire?)

Buy a copy of the UBD which now comes with a DVD rom version.

Download OziExplorer.

Scan or "copy to clipboard" your choice of maps.  Using the Software 
version you can choose the scale (I recommend the wider view, especially 
for PDAs)

Find the Lon/Lat for two points on the MAP.  UBD software is reasonably 
accurate.  But not always.

Configure your map in OziExplorer and - off you go :)

Takes a few minutes per map page, but over time you build an entire mapping 
system on your laptop which is totally transferable to your PDA :)

>Whereis and Multimap don't identify one-way streets online, so just how 
>good can the directions be?

I detailed mine yesterday :)

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