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Kim, commenting on Chris's posting, wrote

>> The rate of discovery of new classes of drugs has dropped
>> since the Reagan research doctrine was introduced - and research
>> into areas considered non-commercial is now conducted largely by
>> charitable foundations.
>I remember reading about this but can't find anything on it now.  Do
>you have any references?


I think this was mentioned in the excellent book written by Marcia Angell
(ex-editor of the New England Journal of Medicine) called "the Truth About
the Drug Companies".

My copy is out on loan at present, so I can't easily check.

She strongly makes the point that most so-called 'discoveries' made by these
companies are nothing more than variations on existing drugs, or me-too
copies (with slight molecular changes).

The original medical discoveries are almost always made by individuals or
small independent groups, not working for a drug company.  Big Pharma then
steps in and takes over.

Of course, they then need to put a lot into developing the manufacturing
process, and the testing -- but far more is spent on marketing than on
scientific research.

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