[LINK] Einstein's fridge an example for NICTA?

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Steve Jenkin wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 09:26:52AM +1100, Tom Worthington wrote:
>>We should not be surprised if NICTA fails to produce any economic 
>>benefit for Australia, if we fail to plan how to obtain such benefit. 
> * NICTA is, I believe, on-track to produce its most important output,
>   100 PhD's. We had a huge run-down in academic 'stock' up to the dot.bust
>   [over 20 unfilled IT positions in Unis in Oz]. Not supplying the
In my mind, the question is whether NICTA/Universities/CRCs or Industry
sponsored (tax deductable) research is the best model for the objectives
we want to achieve...

are these objectives wealth from IP?
sustainable high quality of life?
we have some very successful and some unsuccessful listed companies who
have leveraged ICT....

In a globalised world should we be proud of licensing IP to Google,
selling IP to CISCO, developing applications with TATA or enhancing Apache.

Remember that it was a licensing model that failed for Netscape but
succeeded for Microsoft.

This is an argument for open source publishing of PhD thesis....

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