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Brendan Scott wrote:
> I disagree with both of you.  
> First:
> Research should be funded with the aim of producing benefits, otherwise why do it?  The question is how to measure those benefits.  Tom's position (correct me if I'm wrong) is that you measure it by looking at revenue.  I'm saying that there's more than just revenue, there is also reduction in expenses.  It may be of more benefit to Australia if lots of people enjoy a small cost reduction from the research than that a small number of people gain a comparatively greater revenue benefit.  I am also saying that a focus on revenue also tends to ignore the costs involved in producing that revenue (such as transaction costs, and the lack of a competitive market). 
> That is, the "benefits metric" being applied is flawed. 
Perhaps the benefits are flawed...I wonder why in Australia we haven't 
done more research on living with bush fires, droughts and flooding 

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