[LINK] Einstein's fridge an example for NICTA?

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Dec 12 16:33:33 AEDT 2006

steve jenkin wrote:
> Marghanita da Cruz wrote on 12/12/06 2:02 PM:
>>In my mind, the question is whether NICTA/Universities/CRCs or Industry
>>sponsored (tax deductable) research is the best model for the objectives
>>we want to achieve...
> I tried to make the point that asking Universities & Research orgs do
> anything else is like asking a Brewery to do Health Care.

just to clarify my question...it was exploring which model of government 
funding has the  best research outcomes.

BTW, you will find that Breweries were asked and do add a vitamin (not 
sure which one) to Beer...:-),
bit like flouride in the water, which was great until we stopped 
drinking tap water
and bread also has an additive.

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