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My memories of '1978' and 'Nottingham' were signs of old age.

Go back a decade.

A quick Google reveals the usual American garbage about having been 
there when God invented the world:
"The concept of the modern ATM first began in 1968, a working 
prototype came about in 1969 and Docutel was issued a patent in 1973. 
The first working ATM was installed in a [the?] New York based 
Chemical Bank"

This BBC report suggests otherwise:
"the world's first ATM at a branch of Barclays Bank in Enfield, North 
London, in 1967"

Wikipedia (aka the most recent person to get hold of the pen for the 
Wikipedia entry) sides with the Brits, while acknowledging the US 
initiative 30 years earlier that appears to have worked but not 
gained acceptance:

At 8:18 +1100 14/12/06, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Roger Clarke wrote:
>>  From: Alan L Tyree <alan at austlii.edu.au>
>>>  Does anyone know when and where the first ATM was installed in
>>  Australia?
>>  My memory was that the very first operational ATM was the 
>>Nottingham Building Society in the UK in 1978.  But you'd have 
>>thought that CUSCAL knew what it was talking about.
>Going back to the UK, they were well before that.  I was with the 
>Midland Bank and our local branch at Melton Mowbray had an ATM 
>installed  in about '74 or '75 because I left UK in '76 and I used 
>it and still have the card somewhere.  Their modus operandi was to 
>use a 20 (I think) use plastic card that was embossed each time that 
>it was used and the money was (#20 per time IIRC) dispensed in a 
>plastic holder which you put back into a slot in the machine.  The 
>idea of the use-limited card was to limit the number of withdrawals 
>you could do because the ATM was not linked to the user's account it 
>was merely a cash dispenser to card holders.
>>>  On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 10:01:42 +1100
>>>  "Skeeve Stevens" <skeeve at skeeve.org> wrote:
>>>>   1. Martin Place June-July 1979 was Commonwealth
>>>>   2. Cnr King and George St, May 1980 was the first Westpac one (Bank
>>>>   of New South Wales before 1982). My mate was head of IT for Westpac
>>>>   at the and project managed it... He also was a pioneer for Eftpos
>>>>   in .au
>>  At 10:44 +1100 13/12/06, Alan L Tyree wrote:
>>>  That sounds right to me. I have been thrown off by the claim on this
>>>  link that the Queensland Teachers' Credit Union had one in 1977:
>>>  http://www.abacus.org.au/credit_unions/history.htm
>>  Sandra Henderson wrote:
>>>   Web page from the Australian Bankers' Association says 1977
>>>   (http://www.bankers.asn.au/Default.aspx?ArticleID=619) and a separate
>>>   credit union doc at
>>>   http://www.ecommerce.treasury.gov.au/bpmreview/content/_download/submiss
>>>   ions/CUSCAL.pdf also says 1977 (and implies that it was a credit union
>>>   ATM)
>>  Also:
>>  From: Russell Ashdown <russell at ashdown.net.au>
>>>  I was based in Perth in 1974 and (I think it was) the 
>>>Commonwealth Bank had a pilot ATM set up in their Hay Street 
>>>branch which allowed me to withdraw a one-time amount of $200 
>>>after hours!!!  I remember the manager telling me at the time that 
>>>his branch had been selected as the pilot.
>>  From: grove at zeta.org.au
>>>  I worked in the Commonwealth Bank at Bankstown in 1981 and we had
>>  one of the first demo units then.
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