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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 16 12:06:51 AEDT 2006

At 08:35 AM 15/12/2006, Roger Clarke wrote:
>At 5:21 +1100 15/12/06, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>>There's a passage that goes something like: "First they took our ???, but 
>>I didn't speak out because..."
><morning muse>
>An older and shorter quote along the same theme is:
>"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance"
>although the original was apparently the other way around:
>"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty", attr. Wendell Phillips

The latter seems something GW quotes.  Although WG (my father) probably 
quotes the former.

>And of course there's:
>"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do 
>nothing", attributed to Edmund Burke

Yes, apathy in the community.  Being too busy to realise that whilst you 
are working your grind job you hate, to pay the mortgage you detest, those 
you are paying are praying on the less compliant and causing new precedents 
and laws to be created whilst you are too busy to notice.

When you are told something is happening, you adopt the attitude "It will 
never happen to me" until it does, then, I guess that's when you refer to 
the "First they came" quote and so the cycle continues.

>In the age of 20-second grabs, I use this one:
>             "There will always be another bigotry"

I like my one from 2003:

         "You are only paranoid until they tell you you are paranoid."

>It works as well for the Cambodia of Pol Pot as it does for Kurdestan, 
>Ruanda, Sebrenica and The Netherlands at the beginning of WWII.
>I developed it as a variant on 'There will always be another moonrise'.

But have you formally used it?

>That was the title of (John Seely Brown's?) book on the untrustworthiness 
>of fully-automated control systems.

You mean like what we have today in just about everything where anyone 
behind a counter blames the computer for anything that isn't right or won't 
let them do?

>   The moon rose over Greenland, DEWS recognised that the USSR's entire 
> ICBM arsenal was on its way, and prepared the US counter-missile system 
> for launch.  No wonder they called it MAD.


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