[LINK] Can someone provide a quotation please

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 16 12:03:03 AEDT 2006

At 05:21 AM 15/12/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>There's a passage that goes something like: "First they took our ???, but 
>I didn't speak out because..."
>I've tried googling for it but have drawn a blank, perhaps a linker might 
>be more productive.

Strange you should ask that.  We've been digging that one up too!  I think 
it's a sign of the times that the people are getting a little tired of the 
Government thinking it's some kind of self important power over all people.

Suzanne and I found about 20 variations.  Although one quoted in the thread 
on link refers to Trade Unions, that was a modified version of the original 
which related to Catholics and Prodestants.

Richard has posted the CORRECT original from which many have been derived, 
including some rather comic ones created by IT people, Scientists in 
various categories and the legal profession.

It's a shame to see people take such an important quotation of words and 
modify them for their own personal benefit without eluding to the original 

And people complain about plaguism!

Hope that puts you in the picture!

"While there is life, there is hope" - Stephen Hawkings, 2006 

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