[LINK] Analyst: Microsoft anti-piracy efforts to backfire, By Antone Gon

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> Ready, fire, aim ...
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> <http://www.itnews.com.au/newsstory.aspx?CIaNID=43614&eid=1&edate=20061215>
> Microsoft's push to get Windows customers to verify online that
> they're running a legal version of the operating system will backfire
> next year, driving some users to rival Linux, a market research firm
> says.
> While the Windows Genuine Advantage program is voluntary, Microsoft
> is forcing users to opt-in by refusing to provide some updates,
> unless it can verify their OS is not pirated. This heavy-handed
> approach is sure to drive users of illegitimate versions of Windows
> to the competing open-source operating system, IDC said in its top 10
> infrastructure software predictions for 2007.
> While it's true that losing people who aren't paying for the software
> is arguably a good thing for Microsoft, it's certain to cause an
> uptick over time in Linux's market share. "We don't think this is a
> pure win for Microsoft," IDC analyst Al Gillen said. "This is going
> to accelerate the Linux market as well."

"Heavy-handed"!! Refusing to provide additional services to
illegitimate users? What have these guys been smoking? And why should
the illegitimate users care if they get updates? And why won't they
just pirate them anyway?

I'm no fan of MS, but this is silly.

Alan (who hasn't used MS products in years)

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