[LINK] German government considers computer characters human

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> German government considers computer characters human
> Will fine gamers for shooting them
> By Nick Farrell
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> 13 December 2006, 08:33
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> *THE GERMAN* government is considering fining or jailing gamers for
> committing violent acts upon computer characters.
> The new laws will mean that a new offence has been created and anyone
> found guilty of "cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters"
> could face fines or a year in jail.
> New laws will mean that computer generated characters will have rights
> and will no longer be able to be shot, chainsawed, or hit with hammers.
> German games are already censored and many are banned in the
> Fatherland. Even games such as Dead Rising are banned as violence
> against zombies is considered as being too close to violence towards
> real people.
> Once again it is all to protect children from becoming homicidal
> maniacs, ignoring the fact that kids will play with sticks if they are
> banned from playing with toy guns.
> More here
> <http://au.gamespot.com/news/6163059.html?tag=latestnews;title;0>. µ


i'm a mass murderer!   (EL sobs uncontrollably)  :'(

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