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For linkers interested in the development of ENUM technology:


ENUM Day Seminar

On the 15th November, 2006, the Australian Communications and Media 
Authority (ACMA), and participating members of the Australian ENUM 
Trial, AusRegistry International, ARRNet and Instra Corporation, held 
a free ENUM Day seminar at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney.

The day's agenda included presentations from the ACMA, participants 
in the Australian ENUM Trial and invited industry experts. The 
presentations included information on the trial's progress, 
international developments, Infrastructure ENUM and VoIP peering. In 
addition, the Instra Corporation performed a live call diversion to 
VoIP, Mobile and PSTN using ENUM technology.

The seminar was well attended by interested industry members 
represented mainly by the telecommunications and internet technology sectors.

The ENUM Day presentations can be viewed below: [they are PDF files]

and Welcome

<http://www.enum.com.au/pdf/ENUM%20Day%20-%20DENIC.pdf>ENUM in 
Germany - Carsten Schiefner, DENIC eG

Perspective - Kevin Sutherland, Communications Engineering Section, 
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

Perspective - Simon Delzoppo, CEO and Chris Wright, CTO, AusRegistry 

Perspective - Chris Hancock, CEO and Kewin Stoeckigt, Network 
Engineer, Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet)

ENUM - Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC

Peering - Mark Prior, Chief Technology Officer, Australian Academic 
and Research Network (AARNet)

<http://www.enum.com.au/pdf/ENUM%20Day%20-%20RIPE.pdf>ENUM activities 
in the RIPE region - Carsten Schiefner, Deutsche Telekom AG T-Com

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