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Interesting article about new Internet services 
to help you manage information about you online:


Do you need a Web publicist?
'Identity managers' act as agents, lawyers, 
enablers – and enforcers – for lives lived increasingly online.
By Cristian Lupsa | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor
John Joseph Bachir is a programmer. He's also an 
amateur filmmaker. He has a blog and is involved 
in a series of software projects, some of which 
he runs. He sometimes records an audio show about 
odd Wikipedia entries. He even submitted a photo 
of penguins to Cute Overload, a website overrun 
with cuddly animals that make you think "Soooo cute!"

You can discover all this by checking JJB's (he 
often uses initials online) profile on ClaimID, 
one of many start-ups allowing a user to manage 
his online identity. Through ClaimID, Mr. Bachir 
consolidated information about himself available 
online, rather than letting a search engines 
decide what comes up when someone types in his name.


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