[LINK] Pandora?

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Thu Dec 28 10:46:04 AEDT 2006

At 08:07 AM 28/12/2006, Michael Still wrote:
>Eric Scheid wrote:
>>no idea if the sitemaps protocol is supported by Pandora yet.
>Isn't it irrelevant? Pandora claim to be a "selective index" (the 
>usefulness of such a thing seems low to me, but anyway), and probably 
>wouldn't include anything new.

Pandora is a great resource.  Not every web site on the Internet that holds 
Australian Public interest gets fully archives elsewhere.

The Internet Archive Project is probably one of the few resources that 
tries hard with limited resources to do such.

If you have a web site that has a level of public interest, or future 
historic  value or even a site that has information that may one day vanish 
- say when you move house and turn off your server, then Pandora is a place 
you can approach if they haven't already approached you, to at least ensure 
that something of the fastest vanishing records in history might be preserved.

I'm sure as time passes, the NLA will find ways to add more resources and 
storage to the archive facility and increase and broaden the storage.

I'd like to think that Pandora archives all the Political web sites for 
each of those Running Candidates that flings so much crude on their 
websites that never gets printed in a news paper.  Those things can come 
back to bite later :)

Be nice if Pandora could also archive all School based web sites.  They 
change so often that history and commendations vanish from the eyes of the 
world as fast as they are created.

Everyone deserves to be noted.  Time Magazine proved that!

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