[LINK] electromagnetic fields effect brain activity.

Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Fri Dec 29 15:45:22 AEDT 2006

If anyone is interested in the subject of EMF and biology, including its
effect on sleep, etc.  they can find a thousand or so scientific research
abstracts at my electric-words site, now held by EMFacts.


The specific sleep study and general EEG material is at


However, be wary about jumping to too many conclusions.  EEG variations rely
on interpretation and the results are very variable. This type of EMF
research is notorious for the flood of quick-and-dirty research reports
churned out by PhDs wanting a quick credit.  They often use only a dozen or
so students as subjects, and claim to find all sorts of
attention/non-attention, headache/ear warmth &  etc. effects

The value of having access to an EEG for a scientist is that he can produce
a cite-able report paper in an afternoon's work at zero cost.

The team led by Neils Kuster at the Uni of Zurich, however, is one of the
better ones.  

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