[LINK] Ramping Spam Rampant - again

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sun Dec 31 13:45:50 AEDT 2006

At 12:06 PM 31/12/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>I made mention a few days ago about the spam problem and I really did 
>believe that it was slowly letting up, as my spam reject rate had dropped 
>from 1.4/sec (120,000/day) down to under 1.0/sec (85,000/day) over the 
>vacation week, that was until 5;00am yesterday (Sat) when something 
>somewhere kicked in and since then the reject rate has steadily increased 
>to 1.7/sec (145,000/day) - 70% increase in 30 hours (sigh)

Oh my god!  You were fooled!

I'm clearing about 200 a day from my mailbox - that's material that 
bypasses RBL, Filters and TMDA.

TMDA is holding over seven days a total of 6512 at this moment.

I really can't even be bothered looking at Sendmails rejection data, it's 
gotta be over 150,000 a day presently.  My traffic level is at a constant 
"dull drone" and the logs are just huge with rejections.

The number of messages sent to huge numbers of names@ is just 
ridiculous.  not hundreds at a time, but thousands an hour, across dozens 
of domains.

>I decided to have a look at where the bulk of the spam is originating 
>from, countrywise based on the connecting IP address, so I have done an 
>analysis of the past 6 hours (>37,000 rejects, which should be a good 
>statistical sample)


>using GeoIP, and the results are below; which goes to demonstrate that the 
>world's most technologically advanced country is also the world's biggest 
>PITA, let along being the world's biggest terrorist  :(
>   27023  US, United States

This surprises you?  The SPAM laws in the USA are a joke!  All they have to 
do is write "Pursuant to Section XYZ of the Spam Act this message complies" 
and that's compliance!

Your other stats are interesting.  I get a lot of Asian and European relays 
or sources that are rejected.

Hey if you have a script that processes a syslog file, send it to me and 
I'll run it across mine :)

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