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As one of the people who has been reorganised - you can find me on the new 
organisation chart if you have nothing better to do -  I can tell you that 
(a) this was the first major restructuring since the creation of the 
Departmemt in 1993 - I know, I have been there for all of that time, 
allowing for stints in and out of NOIE; (b) it is intended to deal better 
with changes in the Department's environment ie the real world outside 
Canberra, and to improve internal coordination - nothing to see here folks, 
move along...

Tom Dale
DCITA bureaucrat
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> Does anyone have any info on what is behind this?
> DCITA Restructures
> The Department of Communications, IT and the Arts (DCITA) has undergone an 
> internal structure forming two new units - infrastructure & access and 
> strategy & content. Helen Williams still heads the department. Fay 
> Holthuyzen will be leading the infrastructure and access group and Rod 
> Badger leading the strategy and content group. To download the new DCITA 
> organisational chart you can visit: 
> www.dcita.gov.au/home/department/departmental_restructure
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