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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Jul 12 03:13:37 AEST 2006

At 01:10 PM 11/07/2006, Antony Barry wrote:

>Disk space seems to run at about $1.20 per gigabyte these days so...

Maybe for a 2.5" 100 Gig drive.  I pay about 66 cents per gig for 
320Gigs.  400Gig drives are still a little high at around 80c, and anything 
under 300 starts to creep above the 70 cent range.

I recently purchased half a dozen 3.5" SATA 300G drives for $150 
each.  320G was $175 at the time.  (Not using IDE any more, and you can buy 
SATA to IDE adapters (or the other way too) for about $5.)

I do recommend unless you really have a desperate need to buy a 3.5" drive 
now, try and hold off for around 6 months.  2.5" drives are getting 
cheaper, still higher than 3.5's but they get nowhere ear as hot as a 200+ 
3.5" drive, run off only 5Volts and consume less and less power every few 
months of new product.

100 Gig drives are a great price and good value presently, the 120's are 
still a premium by comparison at a cost/gig basis, but if you need that 
extra 120, then it's worth it (I did, and don't regret the extra cost.)

But there are some 150's coming out soon which will push the 100's and 
120's down in price considerably, and these new drives run on less Amps 
than the previous ones.

You can buy a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter for a few bucks and the added benefit is 
that the 2.5" drives will take a hell of a lot of punishment in comparison 
to their 3.5" counter parts.

Now I just want SATA in 2.5" and I'll be really happy :)  And Ecstatic when 
they hit the 300+ Gig range :)

But I always tell people the usual rule for buying Hard Drives and Memory:

If it's a new system, split the difference between memory and hard drive 
and hget the most you can.

If it's an upgrade, buy the drive that has the best Cost/Gig (use to be 
Megabyte not that long ago!) and don't look back.

Murphys Law:  The amount of disk space you will need is always greater than 
the amount of space you have on your system.


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