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Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Thu Jul 13 10:02:25 AEST 2006

Nah ...

Vic'd have a heart attack.         :)

If money's an issue I'm prepared to donate $50 or so.


At 10:46 AM -0700 on 12/7/06 you wrote:
>Howard Lowndes wrote:
>>Given that you say that the archives will fit onto a CD after 
>>compression, then that says that they are only about 1-2 Gb anyway.
>>Surely we can whip up $100 somewhere to put in some decent disk 
>>space (or $200 if we want to RAID it), or is it not that simple?
>I happen to have a well connected mirror machine with spare disk if 
>you'd like to host them there (mirror.linux.org.au). I would need to 
>check with the others on the management committee, but it shouldn't 
>be a big problem.
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