[LINK] Fwd: RIAA loses in file sharing case

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Jul 15 11:48:29 AEST 2006

At 09:49 AM 15/07/2006, Roger Clarke wrote:
>>RIAA loses in file sharing case
>>7/13/2006 3:10:41 PM, by Eric Bangeman
>>Mothers. You've got to love them. They give birth to us, feed us, clothe 
>>us, teach us to chew with our mouths closed, and go to bat for us against 
>>the RIAA. Sometimes they win (PDF).
>>An Oklahoma mother, Debbie Foster, was accused by the RIAA of copyright 
>>infringement back in November 2004, and her daughter Amanda was added to the

And the audience takes to an earth shaking standing ovation.

>>This is hardly the first setback for the RIAA, which has previously sued 
>>grandmothers, both living and dead.

I Robert M Sheriff of the Country of Nu Yark, Sheriff's officer do solemnly 
and sincerely swear upon his Lord the Good Gods Bible that on the 32nd day 
of Maytember 2004 I did go to the property of Grandma Kettle and found her 
laying there.  I asked to be shown Identity and before me was shown an 
english inscription showing the Defendants name, date of birth and age.

I said to the Defendant, "I am here to serve you with a Summons to appear 
before the Courts in answer to the RIAA (Rejected Industry of Antagonistic 
Associations) allegations that you downloaded copyright material."

There was no reply form the Defendant and I so placed at the foot of the 
english inscription, the Summons, Affidavit and Court Appearance notice.

I then left the Estate known as "Forever in Restful Peace" where a sign on 
my outgoing path said "May they all rest at least six foot downloaded."

Signed sworn and sealed ....

My goodness, sounds like something from a movie script, but then Reality is 
always stranger than fiction.

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