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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Jul 17 16:05:20 AEST 2006

At 02:22 AM 7/11/2006, Adam Todd wrote:
>Interesting to see that the UK, USA and Australia are all trying to 
>get super dooper new ID cards in place by 2008.  What's so magic 
>about this date? ...

China is installing smart card systems in time for the 2008 Olympics. 
Have a look at the crowd of people clutching their new smart cards at 
a launch in 2006 <http://en.beijing2008.com/29/71/article212027129.shtml>.

Consider just the number of people using the "Yikatong" Beijing 
Municipal Administration and Communications Card 

These cards apparently work in taxis as well as busses and trains. 
Unfortunately I only travelled by limo and bicycle on my visit 
<http://www.tomw.net.au/2003/bws/>. ;-)

As well as public transport system, smart cards can apparently be 
used to pay for hot and cold water. See the Chaoyang Dwelling blog 
"Being the adventures of myself in the far-off land of Beijing" 

Or is 2008 just when some patents covering the technology are due to 
expire <http://www.secinfo.com/dVS96.7c.htm>?

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